French toast recipe

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Game Info: French toast recipe

To prepare egg mixture, in a medium bowl add ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, sugar and mix it well. In a pie plate add eggs, milk, vinilla extra, cinamon mixture and whisk together well.
To prepare French toast, place frying pan on a medium heat, add butter and allow it or melt. Once butter is melted, dip both sides of each slice of bread into the egg mixture and place them into the frying pan. Fry slice of bread for 3 minutes or until golden brown on one side then turn bread and fry other side of 3 minutes or until golden brown. Continue frying the otherĀ  slices of bread, adding more butter as needed and set aside.
To serve French toast, cut French toast diagonally and place them on a serving plate. Dust powdered sugar and sprinkle maple syrup over French toast. Serve hot French toast with vanilla yogurt, whipped cream and fresh fruits.

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