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Game Info: Edgy chic Style

Fashion is supposed to inspire, there are no rules! I once again wanted to talk about the skinny jeans because I think they are most widely associated with the edgy vibe. The jeans below are a bit different from the ones that I talked about in the feminine basics article because I wanted to find some that were a bit more interesting for those of you that like to make a statement with jeans. I thought of this ever-so-classy essential for the edgy girls because many of you expressed your love for the color black. I wanted to show you some dresses that would be great from day to day, as well as some that would really make a statement for a night out. I love this trend. I have been seeing it all over the place and I love the idea of using a zipper as a detail. Here are some different pieces with bold zippers that you can pick and choose from, depending on your style! Have fun!

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