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Game Info: Pepperoni pizza

Just the thought of it makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? Now, what if you didn’t have to depend on that famous Italian chef from that pziza resto that you love so much or on your mother whenever you want to spoil your taste buds with a yummy pepperoni pizza? How about learning to prepare your favorite pizza on your own, following all the great pizza making steps in the pepperoni pizza cooking game?

Can you guess which would be the very first step to take once you can this pizza making session started? Turning on the oven and preheating it, of course! Then, continue the pepperoni pizza cooking game by pouring water into the measuring jug and a pinch of salt and yeast too, then mixing it well and leaving it to ferment for a few seconds. All the ingredients that you need for preparing your favorite pizza are there, on the kitchen table, you just need to pay attention to pick them in the right order. Next, use your mouse to empty the flower bag into the large bowl prepared there, on the table, to add some drops of olive oil and the yeast mixture you’ve just put together. Piece by piece, ingredient by ingredient, playing this pizza cooking game, you will be preparing your pizza dough, the one that makes the difference between a common and a divinely tasting pepperoni pizza. Wrap the dough bowl with a plastic wrap and get ready to prepare your mozzarella cheese, too, while enjoying this fun online cooking game!

Have fun playing the role of an famous Italian chef, while enjoying the pepperoni pizza cooking game, then see what other challenging, skills improvingcooking gamesyou can find on our site!

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