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Game Info: Fiddle shop

Believe it or not, but this kind-hearted granny is one of the most skillful managers in town! I mean it! She runs the most popular fiddle store there and young musicians keep flooding into her store, every day, looking to buy some of those exquisite musical instruments that the old lady’s store is so famous for. Do you think you could give her a helping hand, getting the fiddle shop management game started?

It’s early in the morning, the fiddle store has just opened and surprisingly enough, here you have your first customer. It’s a lovely teen girl, attending the school of music, a future violinist, that’s for sure, who’d like to buy herself a brand new, gorgeous fiddle to use during her long practicing sessions. Quick, get this fast-paced online management game started and see what the young customer’s violin preferences are, then do your best to make her dream come true playing thisstore management game! Pick the perfect violin design, then go and select the perfect varnish color and have it painted, giving it a discreet, elegant sparkle, then don’t forget to get the varnish dry, too. Voila! You’ve just created your first fiddle to be sold to your cute client. Are you ready to attend to the second customer entering granny’s store now and take the next challenge you will be faced with in the fiddle shop management game?

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